You Better Belize it – Culinary Discoveries in San Pedro, Belize

-Freshest catch: One morning, we set out early for a snorkeling and fishing extravaganza. It was easy to catch several types of smaller fish and even a shark! After, the guides cleaned and filled the fish on the dock near the resort, while seagulls and pelicans transformed into vultures as they discarded the gutty remains in the water. Finally, we grilled the fish with simple bay seasoning to make fish tacos for dinner. My mouth is still watering. 

-Coconut. The resort workers generously cut them off of the trees for us, made a hole and viola! Note: this was before the newest celebrity-craze of dieting with coconut water. 

-Discovering rum punch: a staple in San Pedro. Easy to make with ice, juice concentrate (add water), fruit and rum (if you want an extra punch in your punch). In San Pedro, it is acceptable to drink rum punch at ANY time of day. They offered it to us just after arrival at 11 a.m. in a local restaurant.

-Grocery shopping = a feat. Step one: rent a golf cart from the hotel. Step two: bring duffel bags. Step three: shop at the tiny local stores. Step four: strap bags on tight. Step five: hold onto all fragile groceries, as bumps tend to make things shuffle and even break. 

-Lovelovelove all of the fresh fruit sold along the dirt roads. 

-Favorite restaurant: Wild Mango. A little establishment right on the beach, with yachts on the horizon. It was hard to choose whether to drool over the food or the boats. We created our own smoothies, and Maya and I split one with raspberry, mango and coconut…delicious!

-Homemade coconut yogurt, which had the consistency of Greek yogurt and tasted like tropical heaven. Image

-Conch ceviche. On our catamaran ride, the guide dove abruptly into the shallow water, sputtering as he came up with a conch clenched in his hands. He immediately opened and massacred the conch, creating a fresh fish salsa. 

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