Spring Break: Chef Edition

Spring break: to most college students, it means meandering drunkenly around a beach for a week. For me, it means returning to my Madisonian roots and finally getting to make those recipes I have been longing to make. Here was the weekly menu:

1 – Papa’s birthday meal with the Johnson fam.

-Grapes stuffed with goat cheese, topped with chopped pistachios.

-Filet mignon

-Sweet cajun sweet potato wedges

2 – Quick fix before going to see the performance of “Cats” at the Overture Center.

-Chevré, pear and spinach pizza with whole-wheat crust courtesy of Trader Joe’s

3 – Monday, fun day.

-Chicken stew with butternut squash and quinoa

-Orange-glazed carrots

4 – Taco Tuesday

-Chipotle Shrimp Tacos with Mango Guacomole

-Roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas

5 – Waaaa Baaaa Wednesday

-Lamb burgers with homemade tzatziki sauce, garnished with spinach

-Broccoli with Fox Point Seasoning (Penzey’s Spices) and chopped shallots

6 – Homemade Vegan powerballs – the ultimate health junkie’s dessert
7 – Jessica’s first and Papa’s third birthday celebration
-Homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, according to Bluephie’s cookbook. Almost made me break my lenten promise of giving up sweets.
Verdict: Success.

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