Chocolate Seduction…Flourless Cake

Last summer, I returned home to find an abandoned bag of hazelnuts and scoured the internet for the perfect recipe. I settled on flourless chocolate cake. My only problem? I had no idea how to make one. Even with a recipe from Food Network, I managed to overcook the cake, making it a dry disappointment.

The following week, our family friend Michael visited from Grenada. A culinary genius, he helped me make a second cake that quickly disappeared. 

Last week, I aspired to create the ultimate “thank you” for my favorite graduating seniors. And what would be better than a creamy, chocolate flourless cake? According to Brian, “a cake with flour” (though his comments were a joke, mockery for my rant about my dislike for flour-filled cakes the previous night). I proclaimed the result, “the best culinary accomplishment of my life.” Though the dorm cooking equipment and make-shift internet recipe were not ideal, the cake proved satisfactory. My first successful flourless chocolate cake made on my own. 

Still riding the sugary high, I returned home to find Michael’s recipe on my mom’s computer for a new challenge: slight tweaks. This time, I added 1/8 cup Bailey’s Irish Creme and 1/8 cup Godiva Liquor. I used half Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate, half Toll House Dark Chocolate (Copps does not carry Guittard, much to my dismay). I added chopped raspberries to the batter. And finally, I garnished with unsweetened cocoa powder, fresh raspberries and the finest Piranese sea salt. Voilå! 


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