Recettes de nous maison (recipes of our house)

During the first few days here, I’ve been fortunate enough to be given two separate French recipes! My roommates, Kelly and Michelle studied abroad here in Aix-en-Provence in 2009-2010. Their host mom shared the following French recipe:


Les oranges avec cannelle et sucre

-Cut oranges crossway into small slices, about one centimeter thick. Place in a pan, avoiding too much overlap.

-Sprinkle cinnamon (cannelle) and sugar (sucre) across the tops.

-Refrigerate for 4-6 hours. Serve chilled for dessert.

Le sauce de salade de Kelly ( Kelly’s salad dressing recipe)

-Mix one part balsamic vinegar (vinaigre balsamique) (or any other variety of vinegar) with three parts olive oil (huile d’olive).

-Add a splash of lemon juice (citron).

-Add honey (miel) and Dijon mustard (moutarde de dijon) to taste.

Toss with lettuce.

-Mix in chopped pecans and dried fruit such as figs, prunes and apricots.

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