Lamb Bruschetta with a Cherry Glaze

A lamb fiends without an army of eaters are in trouble; roasts easily translate into too many leftovers to handle. This recipe gives your leftovers a purpose, and a tasty one at that!



-One fresh baguette

-Leftover lamb roast

-2 tablespoons crushed rosemary

-4 tablespoons homemade cherry jam

-8 ounces fresh goat cheese


1 – Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2 – Put goat cheese in the freezer until firm, but not frozen. Use a cheese slicer or sharp knife to cut thin slices.

3 – Place thinly-sliced pieces of the baguette on a baking sheet.

4 – Set one slice of cheese on each piece, and top with fresh rosemary.

5 – Next, top each piece with a thin slice of leftover lamb.

6 – Bake until warm, about 15 to 20 minutes. Be wary of overcooking the meet; if you do, the meat will be tough.

7 – Place a dollop of homemade cherry jam on top of each piece.

8 – Serve and neglect to tell your guests that they are eating carefully-disguised leftovers.

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