Lavender Fig Flowers

All chefs have that moment. The one when you feverishly wonder why it is that you never use that absurdly random ingredient. You ponder it, drive to the store, retrieve it and wait to be inspired. This week, that ingredient was fig. The result was a delicately-plated flower. And if it is any testament, I’ll be buying more figs tomorrow.



2 almonds, finely chopped

1 whole almond

1/2 tsp fig

3 figs, halved

1 tbsp chevre

1/8 tsp lavender, chopped

1 tbsp Lavender honey

Sidenote: I bought the honey during my recent visit to France, but any local honey will do.


1 – Hallow halved figs, set filling aside

2 – Place chevre in bowl and add lavender, almonds and fig remnants

3 – Warm combined ingredients and stir

4 – Fill fig halves with chevre mixture

5 – Arrange halves on a plate, in a flower shape

6 – Place a dollop of honey in the middle of the flower and add whole almond for the center

7 – Garnish plate with remaining honey between each petal

8 – Serve warm

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