Where to get what: A Minneapolis grocery store breakdown

With rising food costs, any penny is worth saving. There are, of course, the obvious ways to save: coupon clipping, planning meals around what’s on sale, etc. But another option? Know where what is cheapest. Below is a preliminary guide of where to buy what, whether you’re on a budget or are simply trying to … More Where to get what: A Minneapolis grocery store breakdown

Basil Salt

Basil is a key ingredient and garnish in summer dishes: caprese, homemade pesto, the list goes on. But this week, I found an unsuspecting use for it: flavored salt. The recipe is easy. 1 – Mix equal parts Kosher Salt and fresh basil. 2 – Pulse in food processor. 3 – Bake for 30-40 minutes … More Basil Salt

Mango Salsa Madness

Chips and salsa are not on my food snob repertoire – unless paired with fresh summer produce. Flavorful salsa can be made with three simple ingredients: fresh garden tomatoes, salt and pepper. But while you’re showering your tomato plants with tender loving care and waiting for the first blooming season, it’s mango sale season at … More Mango Salsa Madness

Kale Chips

Holidays are about the two big F words. Neither is profane or pessimistic. No guesses? Family and Food.  This Easter, after celebrating with my biological family in Rochester, I trekked back to the Hill for a second Easter feast, this time with a unique type of family. The college family can be described with countless … More Kale Chips