What colleagues say about me.

“Brianna’s work has always been, and is first class…insightful and entertaining.”

-Andrew Kreutzer, associate professor emeritus at Ohio University’s College of Business 

“Brianna is one of the friendliest and most creative colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with. She came up with unique ideas to promote the Ohio University College of Business, its faculty, and its students, and did an incredible job executing them. Just a few examples of her excellent work include thoughtful and personalized faculty spotlights, write-ups to promote new centers and initiatives in the college, celebratory videos, and highly engaging and professional webpages. Brianna took the College of Business’ promotions to a new level, and she will be truly missed by her colleagues – not just for her outstanding work, but also, for her professionalism, genuine, down-to-earth nature, and kind personality. I am confident that she will be a tremendous asset to any individual, team, or organization that has the pleasure of working with her.”

-Alexa Fox, assistant professor of marketing at Ohio University’s College of Business

“Brianna has a great attitude and builds good relationships within the College and across Campus. She has great ideas and follow through. Brianna is ambitious and motivated to succeed. She’s a pleasure to work with.”

-Jessica Gardner, former supervisor at Ohio University’s College of Business

“As compared to others, Brianna Wilson has an outstanding professional work ethic.  Accordingly, I would describe Brianna as

  • Dedicated + Diligent.  Brianna’s commitment to being a contributing member of an organization is notable.  Her dedication is reflected in her desire to add value to the organization.  Her diligence is reflected in the care she takes in her craft.
  • Effective + Efficient.  I most admire Brianna’s ability to effectively complete takes while simultaneously being efficient with her time.  She arrives prepared for meetings, respects others’ time and contributions, and delivers quality work before deadlines.
  • Quality + Quantity.  Not only does Brianna produce more results than would be expected, the results she produces are of high degree of excellence.  Examples include a myriad of content generated across platforms and media outlets that build a consistent brand story.”

-Katie Hartman, chair of the marketing department at Ohio University’s College of Business

“Bri is a valuable asset to any editorial team. She is a smart editor and a creative and insightful writer. After three years of working with her, I can also attest to her abilities as a confident and naturally talented leader.”

-Lucy Casale, editorial assistant, EatingWell Media Group

A numerical look at my work. 

During my 14-month tenure at Ohio University’s College of Business–which I left to pursue graduate education–I accomplished the following:

  • Social media
    • Facebook
      • 466% increase in organic reach
      • 333% increase in organic page engagement
      • 6.37% increase in organic likes
    • Twitter
      • 1313% increase in average impressions per day
      • 1100% increase in average daily clicks
    • Instagram
      • 576% increase in followers (launched account)
      • 16.15% average organic engagement rate
  • Public relations
    • 3 faculty interviews coordinated with The Washington Post
    • published press releases
    • 6 faculty added to Ohio University Experts Directory
  • Podcast statistics
    • 8 published episodes
    • soon-to-be published episodes
    • 875 overall plays
  • Project completion
    • 6 videos created
    • 6 additional videos created with outside vendor
    • 25+ pieces of collateral designed for internal partners
    • pieces of collateral created with external partners
  • Recruitment statistics
    • 4 recruitment events the department planned and executed
    • 0.4% increase in yield rate compared to 2015
  • Article development
    • 4X  increase in story frequency
    • Over 2X increase in stories included in all-campus newsletter